Home Automation- "Good Day Lubbock"


    Forget tales of the 'smart' house plotting to take over the family, new wireless technology puts the power in the palm of the consumer's hand at an affordable price. 

    Innovative Designs spokesperson Tyler Dirks says automated homes are now more affordable thanks to fast growing technology. Control systems can be installed into homes under construction or even into preexisting homes. Automation covers a wide array of items in a house including temperature, locks, shades, lights, entertainment systems and other small appliances. 

    Controlling music in various rooms at one time is one example of the capabilities of an automated home system, he says. A homeowner can even control the music away from home from a smart phone or tablet device. 

    "You don't have your traditional receivers, your volume control, so your eliminating a lot of unnecessary hardware because you control everything from your phone. Might as well just use your phone," he explained. 

    The same goes when it comes to shutting off lights or even adjusting the temperature of your home - all is takes is a touch of a tablet.

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