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    PVC Strip Curtain / PVC Strip Doors

    Kallerians provides Innovative, flexible solutions for environmental problems like temperature loss, wind and weather, dust, birds and insects, noise and humidity. In addition, we can also satisfy your industrial and commercial requirements from screens to protect against welding glare, noxious fumes and other hazards, to personnel guards for hazardous operations.

    Shoe Shining Machine

    Shoe Polishing Machine
    Sole Cleaner Machine
    Fly Killer / Flying Insect Killer

    KALLERIANS Fly Killer is ideal one to meet the GMP, FDA, UL, ISO, ISI Standards in Pharmaceuticals and in Food industries.

    KALLERIANS Fly Killer is made out of Epoxy Powder Coated CRCA Sheet, Aluminium and Stainless Steel.
    KALLERIANS Fly Killer is equipped with shock and power safety measures of Teflon Sheets and Rods.
    Powerful high volt transformer makes KALLERIANS Fly Killer very performance oriented.
    Power packed with PHILIPS Imported UV Lamp (TL 05365NM Tube lights) is more efficient in attracting flying insects and no harmful to human eyes.

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      We offer entire solution for hygienic, environmental and pest control problem. We are manufacturers and wholesale suppliers of Air curtain, Shoe Shining Machine, Fly Killer, Stainless Steel Dust Bin and importer & Exporter and distributor of world-class sleek model fully automated bathroom hygiene products like Hand Dryers, Shoe Shining Machines, Sole Cleaner Machines, Soap Dispensers, Perfume Dispensers,