How Different Frequency, ( Words ) Can Changed Human Behavior. Dr Emoto Masaru . Researcher JAPAN

    This is a Future Of Wellness

    iLiveOn Wellness is the wellness product line of Glotera, designed to increase your energy levels and maintain your wellness on a daily basis, thus promoting a balanced lifestyle and an improved mind body and soul.

    Myself Ajit Singh I'm working on Bio-Resonance Transfer Technology Discover first time in the World I Live On by Dr.Ian Lyons (Germany) Which Is Based on Bio-Resonance Transfer Technology With Molecular Entanglement And Doppler Concept .Endorse By  Dr. John R . Rogerson Scientist (Dsc Bio Physics) .

    We provide quality wellness products that not only can it emit energy but also energy which can be transferable. Our products are manufactured using the latest cutting edge bio technology (Nano Fusion Transfer; Frequency Resonance ) in the wellness industry.

    This Technology Is Not Only Convert Dead Water Into Live Water And Also Balance Your Body Chakras, Your Body Meridian And Structure Body Blood so That Your Diet Can Be Digest Properly .As we all know 70 % of Our Body is Water and Our Body is made up of Trillian's Cells and 90% of Our Blood is Water.

    This is the world's first Bio-Resonance Transfer Technology which can balance:-

    • Alfa,Beta,Theta and Delta Frequencies  
    • 12 Body Meridians
    • Extend Human Aura
    • Balance Seven Chakras
    • Enhance Immune System
    • Increase Oxygenation in your blood stream
    • Improve blood circulation
    • Enhance metabolism
    • Increase energy for athletic activity
    • Help in balancing Ying and Yang and the flow of 'Chi'
    • Reduce electro smog

    We glotera have the exclusive rights to sell this technology worldwide .lets be a part of this wonderful wellness opportunity.

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    Ajit Singh +91 987 6249 102  ,  987 6244 119 ........ajitglotera (Skype )