Henan oriental machienry

    Wet shotcrete machine is an advanced and high efficient concrete spraying machine, d has been designed especially for spraying of concrete . It has the advantages of low dust , low rebound , high-strength concrete , simple operation , convenient for maintaining , prolong operation life etc.

    Shotcrete machine , combined with dosing unite , is suitable for manual spraying or by means of a robotic arm .

    Wet Mix Shotcrete mahcine is used for the application of shotcrete in rail and road tunnel , subway engineering , hydro-power engineering, underground engineering , mine gallery and more concrete engineering.

    Wet shotcrete is use the mixed concrete, and then add accelerator.

    Wet Mix Shotcrete Machine Common Use

    1. Gunite Swimming Pool Construction.

    2. Soil Retention and Tetaining Walls.

    3. Rockscaping.

    4. Refractory Spraying.

    5. Mine Support.

    6. Tunnel Linings.

    7. Concrete Repair.

    8. Artificial Rocks and Caves.

    9. Low-volume Refractory Spraying.

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      Henan oriental machienry

      Henan oriental machienry

      Henan Oriental Machinery Co., Ltd. is a state-designated manufacturer and exporter of Road and Building construction machineries since 1989