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    Global warming, the accumulation of trash, cutting of forests and all the consequences of our actions on the planet are hurting her. Despite the many world summits and international agreements that have been signed, some feel we can ´t do anything to improve the planet. But it is time to take action! As adults, one of the most effective tools we have at hand is awareness through education.

    Based on this idea, we designed and developed a story that teaches little ones, with tenderness and innocence, that caring for the Earth is one of the most important tasks of humanity and we all can help. For easier understanding, the story is written in rhyme, with very simple language by Pete, a child like any other, who one day goes to his neighborhood park and realizes that something is not quite right. As an extra resource, the app has attractive images all made from disposable material, many collected in the suburbs and industrial trash cans.

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