2010-2012 Chevrolet Camaro Vis Racing AMS Carbon Fiber Hood

    Ultimate Motorx

    http://www.ultimatemotorx.net presents 2010-2012 Chevrolet Camaro VIS Racing Carbon Fiber Hood. Please contact us at 866-960-9118 or visit us online at www.Ultimatemotorx.net or www.Camaro5.com (Vendor: Ultimate Motor X).

    All VIS Carbon Fiber Hoods and Trunks are manufactured using a two-part construction design: the top layer is a 100 percent ISO certified Grade A carbon fiber material with an ultra clear UV protective polyurethane coating to ensure a high gloss finish. To be show-ready, we pioneered the use of one piece smooth underside to optimize structural integrity. The result is a carbon product that excels above all others in quality and performance. All VIS Carbon Fiber Hoods and Trunks come with a ViS Authenticity badge. Please be sure to look for the badge when purchasing.

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      Ultimate Motorx

      Ultimate Motorx

      UltimateMotox.net : Your Trusted Source , Specialized in Body Kits and Carbon Fiber Hoods.

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