Starting Tips

Since we have so many features to use, this page is to help you get a little bit acquainted with what to do and why.

Step 1: Improve your business network

- Start with completing your profile. See how it looks now by clicking on the icon in the topbar with your profile image.

- Use the widgets on the profile page to make it just as you like it.

- Start building your network by getting new connections or invite users to join. When accepted they will be shown on your profile

- Check if there are members from your location . Connect with them  by clicking in the right down corner of the profile icon and add as a connection.

- Do not only tell what you can do for customers. Show it, by creating a showcase

- Share existing videos that are relevant to your business or use search or your existing playlist

- Write an interesting business news item.

- Join a business group

If we are triggered by your profile or content, we can feature it so it will get a lot more attention.


Goal: Sell your products or services

- Start with step 1 to built some trust to visitors and other business members.

- Add an advertisement


Goal: Recruite new personnel

- Start with step 1 to built some trust to visitors and other business members.

- Add a job


Goal: Start an Enterprise Social network

- Create a new group and mark it private

- Invite your colleagues into this group. An invite button will appear after creating it.

- Start your private conversations and sharing of content.


Goal: Share or sell your software

- Upload new software to our new software repository system.

- Market your software by creating an advertisement , showcase it or write a news article


And there is a lot more to do, like sharing files, events, bookmarks, pages or photos. See what is going on with your connections or follow interests.

Anyway, have fun doing it and we wish you will benefit from Centillien as much as you can as long as you follow our simple rules

Remark: On the homepage, you can find most of the functionality in tiles. Just click on Centillien in the topbar to go there. Still need help ? Check the faq