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We allow business people to publish content that value to our visitors and respects common decency. Registration and publication can be done as company (not a product) or as professional with an interest in jobs, companies, news or other content. 

We do not allow misrepresentation of whom you are or allowed to represent. We do not allow illegal, sexual oriented or harmful content in any way. It is allowed to discuss political issues or topics that move society. 

Spamming, badgering. misleading or annoying people will get you removed from Centillien. Centillien uses algorithms to detect misuse and blocks or deletes accounts automatically without notice.

An implicit rule is that we do not allow intentially wrong information. Centillien B.V. decides without consultation on what we consider as being incorrect or intentially wrong. If you think we removed your content based on the wrong premisse, you can use the contact form to clarify your position and request republishing.

By subscribing you allow Centillien to send email to your account, which is necessary for new connection requests, messages from other members and notification of interesting topics. You can decide yourself on what emails should not be sent, by changing the notification settings in your account settings. If you decide to accept a new business connection, you can communicate one on one and exploit new opportunities.

We adhere to the European legislation regarding cookies. We use cookies for the sole purpose of having the site to function, it will not be used for gathering personal interest or tracking of your internet behaviour. We do not sell any information you provide us to third parties. We are not required to provide information to any government agency. Dutch laws apply to Centillien and they have a high respect for personal and business privacy. Should any government take a stand against you, we will defend your right to publish freely. Unless off course, you were violating our own rules of proper conduct as described here.

Use our functionality as intented, do not comment with advertisements on another company's content . Violating our rules, you will risk that your account and all information with it will be removed permanently. If you don't know what you can or can not do, check the help or ask a question in the Centillien users group.

You need to make sure that the content you publish on Centillien is your content, or you are allowed to republish. By subscribing you will give Centillien a license to copyright of content that you publish on the site. We are free to redistribute this content for an indefinite period of time. By publishing content you guarantee Centillien B.V. that you are allowed to do this and is free of copyright or is owned by your company.

Do not misuse other companies copyright, misrepresent yourself or mislead other people in any way. Centillien B.V. will not be liable for the use or content provided by others. You are liable for damage to Centillien B.V. and third parties if your activities are considered illegal by Dutch law. 

Business transactions that will be done using Centillien are not based on our terms and conditions, but involved parties need to agree on their own terms and conditions. 

These terms can be changed without notice. 

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