Open Source Skype integration

Centillien is a great supporter of open source software and is an active developer in the community

We share lots of software we have built for ourselves and shared it to others to use for free. As is our platform free to use.

Besides that we develop highly specialised software for Centillien users to be able to find content, users and to be able to share their thoughts and build a business network.

You probably visited this page, because you clicked on a Skype link. That is one example of our contribution to the open source community.

We want tot build a global network of business professionals, to give everyone in the world the same chances and opportunities of creating a succesfull business or great carreer. We strongly believe that

We hope you like our software and our business platform, all we need from you is a smile on your face or an appreciatation of our work.

So if you have a business or represent one, let's start working together and register