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    MyVox is Private Business Networking software.

    It is intended for employees of a company to share projects, cooperate in groups and easy sharing of files, videos and blogs.


    - Sharing files,videos, blogs, tweets, asking for help, detailed profiles and much more

    - Full integration with Microsoft Active Direcory for logging in, managing groups and access to files

    - Integration with existing file shares like microsoft, SAN's or NAS.

    - Managers have special priviligies to create and manage groups.

    - Follow people or interests

    - Replaces your intranet with an interactive intranet

    The website is for demonstration purposes. Make an account to see how it works. Contact me if you want to buy MyVox for your company or if you are interested in a dealership. NetCare is handling the Netherlands only, we can use dealers in other countries.

    MyVox is a spin-off of this Public Business network (Centillien)



      NetCare is een ervaren ICT organisatie, die praktische en uitvoerbare oplossingen levert op de gebieden detachering, software ontwikkeling en ons sociaal intranet applicatie MyVox om zo toegevoegde waarde te creƫren.

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