Centillien, functionality overview

Centillien respects people and company privacy, we will not disclose private information about your company unless you provided it yourself for the internet community to see.

We provide your company all sorts of ways to promote your company and get your message out. We require you to do that in a respectfull and professional way. Other members can report content as inappropriate and we will review all reports and take appropriate measures. 

If content is indeeed considered inappropriate or disregards peoples privacy, companies copyright or is a misrepresentation, we will remove the content.  

If you violate our rules, warnings are sent for minor misconduct. Do not disregard them, we have a automated three strike rule. The system will remove the account and all content if you reach the limit. Accidental violations can be disregarded, but you need to contact Centillien and explain the situation.

If you decide to discontinue your account, we will do that upon first request. Notice that there is no way to recover from deletion. We have not implemented a way to restore a single account.  

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