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Belarus Russia Bottled water manufacturers Turkey water sellers 0090 543 911 49 20

About Us- Abant Water

Water exists since ages and it will go on. Water is maintaining it’s presence in different forms. “Water cycle” refers to existence and movement of water on earth, underground and atmosphere. Water is always in motion; passes from solid form to liquid form, from liquid form to steam and from steam to liquid form again continuously. This water cycle is one of the necessary cycles for life. Water cycle is continuing since ages and the existence of life depends on this. Life without water cannot be imagined. Water is the life’s itself for all living beeings. Body of some animals and plants consists of around %90 water.
Water and Health 
Water, after oxygen for human life is the most important element and is an essential part of our diet. People to maintain viability for weeks without food, but live only a few days in case of thirst. The water content of the human body according to gender and age ranged between 42% and 75 59%, but the average adult human body is water. In the study of body function, metabolism in the homeostasis of many biochemical reactions in the body and plays an important role in the realization of extremely water. 
Digestion, absorption and transport of cells in 
Cells, tissues, organs and systems in regular work, 
Transportation of hazardous materials as a result of metabolism and excretion in 
The regular work of the digestive system, 
Ensuring the control of body temperature, 
Ensuring lubrication of joints, 
It is helpful for a variety of biochemical events happen. 
Continued growth and sufficient water intake body functions is very important. Studies of the daily water consumption in appropriate amounts; 
urinary tract infections, 
skin health protection, 
detoxification of the organism, 
to aid in weight control programs, weight loss, skin moisture and elasticity to play a role in the regulation of reasons are known to help prevent the formation of cellulite. 
On cold days, when cold or very hot in summer, humid days, as in the case of extreme temperatures, to maintain the body's normal temperature is increasing the need for water. Hot, humid weather increases the body fluid loss by sweating. Therefore, in these days of the start of the temperature rise should be taken to increase fluid consumption. 
At the beginning of the first works to be done in the morning when attempting to drink one glass of water should be 
After each toilet, 1 cup of water to replace lost fluids should be drunk, 
While exercising in hot weather, especially hot water consumption should be increased, 
In particular, air and sea travel water consumption should be increased, 
Water should always keep in a visible place, care must be taken to consume the water without waiting for the feeling of thirst. 
How much water should you drink each day? 
As a general rule, provide disposing of harmful substances generated in the body to maintain balance and body fluids from 8 to 10 cups (2.5 liters) of water is recommended to be consumed. 
Water requirements of the people in general; beverages, including nutrients and metabolism of three sources provide. As a result of the burning of the nutrients in the food consists of water. Protein, carbohydrate and fat in the diet is high according to the increase of metabolic water. The body through the food we eat and beverages we ensure our water. For example, approximately 85 to 90% of fruits and vegetables, 1 cup of milk is 90% water. During the day we drink tea, coffee, soda, etc.. We take restocked with liquid. However, caffeine-containing coffee, tea and other beverages to meet the needs of the fluid as water resources are not considered appropriate. For example, caffeine-containing coffee-drinking water when you receive the diuretic effect, but more because you lose more fluid through urine output. 
What is a healthy and safe water? 
Reliable water harmful bacteria, toxic materials and chemicals is free water. Sold for commercial purposes has been licensed by the Ministry of Health waters, drinking water and natural mineral water production stages under control and supervision of the Ministry of Health is subject to the safe waters. Municipal water is also checked routinely by municipalities, city water, which is likely to be found in viruses, bacteria and various pathogens with various disinfection methods and tried to eliminate these waters are also secured.

Company Profile

Abant water is a beverage company which is within the Kaya Holding. Founded in 1974 by Burhanettin Kaya, it operates with 13 companies and more than its 2500 professional employees at construction,tourism,financial, oil, energy and beverage sector. Kaya holding’s group companies that are pioneer and professional in their field reach to, directly or in directly, thousands of customers in different locations across the world. Kaya Holding is pioneer of each sector in which it operates, with more than 30 years of experience and reliability, has established Abant water facilities in the water sector. With the fact that balanced mineral composition and sweet taste, Abant brand has acquired a strong position in the industry very short time.
Vision And Mission;
To become a brand which has potential market of the worldwide with its own unique quality and unique taste. We dedicate our mission is to reach healty water for drinking.
Abant is great tasting water. It is a miracle of nature. We are committed to protecting this miraculous water and have defined our company’s mission and status of integrity based on this committment. We intent to honor this gift by bottling the highest quality and best tasting Turkish natural spring water. We will ne innovators in water. Through our packaging,marketing strategies and environmentally responsible practices,we will be innovators in our industry.
From the Bolu Mountain to the bottle, Abant Natural Spring Water remains untouched by man.No chemicals processes are introduced into the water,keeping in its naturally pure state.
Abant Water Source;
Abant sources places(locates) between the mountains, the forest of pine and fir trees. Source is on the 1300 m height. Abant water continues its flow, protects its mineral composition and taste standards, rainfall affecting all four seasons. Water, obtaines wealth of the region, is 100% natural spring water and is a source for health, safety and flavor source.
Abant Water, established in accordance with standards of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health and the relevant EU legislation, is a one of the most modern water bottle and PET facilities.
About Abant;
Abant area has a marvelous nature in Bolu mountain which is one of the highest mountain in Turkey with 1300 meters .
Abant attracts people with specific nature throughout four season.
It is an exceptional area which you can feel health and nature together.
Abant area is enourmously important for us with rich and quality and natural water sources which are provided us to share around worldwide .


Abant Su Ürünlerimiz - 0.33 LT 0,33 LT Pet Abant Su Ürünlerimiz - 0.50 LT 0,50 LT Pet
Abant Su Ürünlerimiz - 1 LT 1 LT Pet Abant Su Ürünlerimiz - 1.5 LT 1,50 LT Pet
Abant Su Ürünlerimiz - 5 LT 5 LT Pet Abant Su Ürünlerimiz - 10 LT 10 LT Pet
Abant Su Ürünlerimiz - 19 LT PC 19 LT PC Abant Su Ürünlerimiz - 19 LT Cam Damacana 19 LT CAM

To Name from Natural Resources ...

 Abant Su Ürünlerimiz - 19 LT Cam Damacana
Natural park under protection with the title and flora of our country has one of the widest Abant's natural water resources, now abant with water in the service of your health ... 

Being contacted by external factors, no unnatural process without exposing the most hygienic way to reach your home from water plentifully for the Abant 
CONTACT: Turkey-İstanbul
MR. Gürsel Gürcan
0090 539 892 07 70 -0543 911 49 20

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