Pure Copper Heirloom Rain Gutter Chain 8.5 ft

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Pure Copper Heirloom Rain Gutter Chain 8.5 ft
  • Our beautiful Heirloom rain chain is made of very heavy guage copper and has a thick folded lip on the rim adding to its character and form. 
  • The heirlook cup depicts class and would look best in a classic or contemprory home. 
  • The square heirloom cup connects to the next cup with a classic diamond link making this rain chain a spectacular piece of art by itself.
  • It is perfect in form and function as it transports water efficiently...the wide heirloom  cup captures most of the water and transports it via the diamond link to the next cup and so on. 
  • The melodious sound of water as it runs down the length of this pure coppr rain gutter chain is music to the ears.

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    we offer online Monarch Rain Chains great selection of copper rain chains,gutter rain chain and downspouts. Great quality at great prices.provide a beautiful and functional watercourse for rain and have been in use for hundreds of year.
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