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    Automotive Relay

    Panasonic Automotive Relays



    We supply Panasonic Automotive Relays.



    • Designed to switch high DC current levels of 10A to 300A
    • Sealed construction and wide operating temperatures for harsh environments
    • Plug-in and PC board terminal arrangement
    • Pin in Paste compatible versions

    Application Usage:

    • Electric Vehicles, HEV, PHEV, Charging Stations, Vehicle Accessories, Commercial Trucks, Construction, Agriculture, Recreational, Marine, Outdoor Power Equipment.




    • AEB Series, AEV Series and more.


      E Control Devices

      E Control Devices

      We, “E Control Devices,” at Faridabad (Haryana, India), are a noteworthy distributor and Supplier of superior quality Relay, Switches,Connectors & Sensors From Panasonic Brand.

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