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    USA Market

    Thickness: 15/17 point

    Name 7" inch round Pan Size 7-3/32"Diameter            Pack 500   

    Name 8" inch round Pan Size 8-5/16"Diameter            Pack 500 

    Name 9" inch round Pan Size 8-7/8" Diameter             Pack 500

    Name 2-1/4#Oblong container Size 8-5/16”x5 13/16”   Pack 500

    Name 3 Compartment Pan Sizes 8-13/32”x6-9/32”      Pack 500

    Name 1 Lb Oblong Tray Size 5-1/2” X 4-1/2”              Pack 1000


    UK market:

    1. Lid for No2 size foil containers size

        145.5mmx116.5 mm approx (round corner)

    2. Lid for No6A size foil containers size

        197.5mmx106 mm approx (round corner)


    Middle East Market:

    foil containers No. 8325, 8342, 8357, 8367, 8368, 8571, 8389, 8390, 8399, 83120, 83185(S), 83180, 83190, 73365 & 45166



    (1) The Laminated Lids are free from wrinkles and any air piping whatsoever.

    (2) The material used in Lids are Virgin/First Quality and at the same time food grade.

    (3) We produce 30 Lakhs i.e. 3 million Lids per shift of 8 hours.

    (4) We supply them at rock bottom price not to be matched from any corner of the globe keeping quality intact.

    (5) Glabrous surface, orderly cut and convenient for use.

      Alufoil Products Pvt.Ltd.

      Alufoil Products Pvt.Ltd.

      Alufoil Products Pvt Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of all kinds of aluminum foil products. Our main products are: Chocolate Foil, Kitchen Foils, Foil Container Making Machine, Lid Punching Machine.

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