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    Mykonos Wreck by GoDive Mykonos

    So close to our dive center is the wreck of “ANNA II”, a 62m. long cargo ship that sunk in the South-East part of Mykonos on 20 July of 1995. “Anna II” was built on 1966 by the Fa Hijlkema & Zonen BODEWES SCHEEPWERK N. V. shipyard in Holland, operated for the I/S Knud Sif Kopenhagen, with first name as “Knud Sif”.

    Ship remains in excellent condition and it is possible to enter in a small part of it. The site around the wreck is also very interesting, with a reef of a great biodiversity and a lot of big colourfull sponges! This wreck serves as spectacular artificial reef, attracting an incredible diversity of marine life.

    Wreck Diving means diving in the past, parallel with a chance to explore what has been out of reach for so long.


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      GoDive Mykonos is a friendly, professional PADI Dive Resort in Mykonos island, a unique island in Cyclades Province, Greece