Trouphy Hunting in Pakistan

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    Trouphy Hunting in Pakistan

    The Northern Areas of Pakistan comprises of the most rugged mountain terrain in the world.
    Situated at the meeting point of the three greatest mountain ranges in the world ( The Himalayas, the Hindu Kush and the Karakorams ) this region covers an area greater than the Austria and Switzerland together.

    Nestled between Afghanistan, China, Ladakh and India this is the remotest and most inaccessible mountain region in the world. With over 460 mountains higher than 6000m, and five of the world’s fourteen highest peaks this rugged region offers a sanctury to some of the rare and most prized species of wildlife.  The list of species found in this great wilderness is very long. 

    There are several species of ibex found all over this vast mountain region. With the strict control on hunting some of them reaching phenomenal sizes offering rewarding trophies to the daring hunters who venture in this great wilderness.  Any hunting trip in this inaccessible area needs careful planning. A number of permits from the local and federal authorities, special import and re-export licenses for the firearms as well as permits to carry and use these inside the country are required. These often take several weeks to process and must be obtained before the arrival of hunting party in the country. 

    Due to non availability of food and shelter as well as scarecity of fuel and strict control on logging everything needs to be acquired in advance and transported on difficult mountain trails by porters to the base camp.  This makes professional planning of the hunting expedition a necessity. Special camping equipment, tents, mess tent, utencils, kitchen, food and fuel is carefully selected by professionals to withstand extreme climatic conditions and to last the duration of the hunting expedition.

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