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    Spa Package @Kata beach

    Package :

    A. King of Oasis spa Signature

    By the end of this two-hour massage, you will feel majestic. Enjoy this powerful, yet pleasing treatment combining Thai massage techniques with Aromatherapy massage. Called by some “stress-management” Thai style, it begins with a Thai Herbal Hot Compress along the strong muscle lines followed by a Hot Oil Massage that works and stretches the muscles while reopening the body’s energy pathways.

    B. Queen of Oasis Spa Signature

    This two-hour massage combines the best of Eastern and Western therapies to promote a woman’s health and sense of well-being.The ancient oriental massage integrated into this therapy concentrates on the Meridian Lines to detoxify, improve organ function and promote self-healing.The Swedish, Hot Stone and Aromatherapy massage further restores and enhances vitality. It realigns a woman’s life-energy, improves digestion and promotes inner harmony.

    C. Oasis summer day package

    Begin with your choice of Aloe Vera Mint Body Scrub or Aloe Vera Lavender Body Wrap … then indulge yourself in a cool and refreshing Body Massage and finish with a Biodroga ® After Sun Facial Treatment

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