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    Wet Metal carry a wide selection of Thinning Shears made from top quality Stainless steel AISI-440C & AISI-420. Each pair of Thinning Shears cuts with consistency and with a comfortably smooth action.  These Scissors are Mirror Polished,Sand Finished and Satin Finished.Hair Thinning Scissors feature superior workmanship and teeth variations that gives you an edge. Try exceptionally crafted Thinning Shears to create a soft cut with rows of well-structured teeth. These instruments are hand-honed and hollow-ground for precision, strength and longevity.We are proud to offer you these high-quality hair grooming tools.We are sure that you will find the ultimate pair of Hair Dressing Scissors to suit your needs. 

      Wet Metal

      Wet Metal is a manufacturing and export company of all sorts of Beauty Care instruments / Implements made of high quality stianless steel.

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