Key Type Damper

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Key Type Damper

Key Type Damper

Air Dampers of superior quality are being manufactured by us to meet varied requirements of air ventilation systems. These dampers constitute of fire damper, volume control damper and duct dampers. We manufacture Air Dampers which includes Volume Control Damper (V.C.D), Fire Damper and Duct Dampers. Our products are designed manufacturing unit using mild and galvanized steel or aluminium. Black painted dampers of key type are powder coated and constructed using frames and blades those are Al Extruded. 

·    Mild Steel ( M.S.) /Galvanized (G.I.) / Aluminium Constructions.

·    M.S./ G.I. key type Damper are Black painted.

·    Aluminium Damper all Constructed from Al Extruded frame and Al Extruded blades duly Powder coated.


We, D.P.Engineers are a reputed name for manufacturing variety of air filters & Air Condioning related components. Our company works under the leadership of Mr.D.P.SHARMA Phone 9871014210, 22483365, 22083434 ,,



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