Ductable Units

Ductable Units

Ductable Units 

 Ductable units are socially designed for Indian environment and conditions manufactured byD.P.ENGINEERS for industrial and commercial use of air conditioning the units are compact yet enough spacious to accommo date fairly large size of chilled water. Dx evaporator coils, centrifugal forward curved statically and dynamically balanced blower, direct driven motor, and air filter, insulated drain pan and galvanized steel casing, the units are acoustically treated for silent operation. (Special range for pharmaceutical industries. )

Special features

 Cooling Coil: High efficiency sine DP Engineers coil cw/Dx evaporator type are made with copper tube and aluminum fins mechanically bonded to the tubes 

  Blower: Direct driven heavy duty didw forward curved (dynamically and statically balanced) for quite operation. 

Motor: GE/Crompton make motor is provided for trouble free performance. 

  Range: Models are available from 1200 cfm to 400 cfm. 

  Casing: All casing consist of heavy gauge galvanized finish.

  Filter: Washable HDPE air filter is provided with standard units.

  Drain pan: Eva foam/polystyrene insulated drain pan.

  Service: Bottom operable.


Residential,Buildings,Schools & Institutes,Auditoriums,Banquet Halls, Poultry Farms, Shopping Plazas,Hotel,Kitchens,Generator Rooms, Pharmaceutical Plants, Food Processing Units,Banks,Offices,Canteens,Temples,Hospitals,Bakeries,Factories,Restaurants,Show rooms, Live stocks, Green houses.


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