Cooling Tower PVC Fills / PVC Fills/ Evaporative Cooling Pad

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Cooling Tower PVC Fills / PVC Fills/ Evaporative Cooling Pad

Cooling Tower PVC Fills / PVC Fills/ Evaporative Cooling Pad

The evaporative cooling pad is cellulose material impregnated with insoluble anti-rot salts and rigidifying saturates. The material has spatial crossing linking technology with high absorbability. It is water resistant, anti-mildew and has a long service life.  



Technical details of our pvc fills.

Standard type of pvc fills.                                    


PVC honey combs.

       25mm {12. 5 + 12. 5}.  

Corrugation pitch.

       2. 8 mm.

Ccorrugation depth

      3 mm

Spiral angles.


No of pvc sheets per 150 mm width


Heat transfer area/cu. Ft. Of fills volume

      1 cu. Ft.

Thickness of finished fills.

      0. 30 mm

Heat distortion temp. For normal pvc

      60 º c

For hige grade.

      80 º c { upto 120 º c }

Weight of std. Fills.

      800 gm to 1 kg.    

we offer good quality cooling pads, which have the following features:


·         lower operating cost.

·         comfortable habitation.

·         higher productivity.

·         no water carry-over.

·         strong and self supporting.

·         dirt resistant.

·         low maintenance.

some of the applications of our cooling pads are:

·         comfort cooling.

·         vegetable storage.

·         mushroom farming.

·         seed farming.

·         dairy farms.


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