Air Washer Unit

Air Washer Unit

Air Washer Unit

Capacity Available   : 2000 to 40000 CFM with Single Blower & 4000 to 80000 CFM  with Single & Multiple Blowers       

Base Frame: The Total assembly is mounted on a horizontal member of heavy mild steel channel.

Fan section: Constructed in GI sheet with inspection doors.

Wet section: Constructed in GI sheet.

 Water tank constructed in GI /SS

Blower: Dynamically Balanced Forward Curved, Didw type makes DPEngineers / Imported.

Cellulose paper pad: Imported 

Electric motor :  Three phases, squirrel cage induction motor of standard makes 

Drive pulley : V-Groove with/without taper lock hub.


Pump: standard makes

Filter: HDPE/Aluminum/GI Mesh Filter.

Pipe Fittings : PVC/GI  Piping with all necessary fittings such as Float Valve, Quick  fill, overflow & drain ports.

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