HEPA Filters / EU-13 / F-13

HEPA Filters / EU-13 / F-13

HEPA Filters / EU-13 / F-13


DPENGINEERS HEPA Filters are designed for the air intake and extract systems of critical applications where high efficiency filtration is necessary. HEPA filters are capable of retaining particulate matter down to 0.01 microns. HEPAS are available with efficiencies between 95% and 99.999%.

Low initial pressure drop.

High dust holding capacity.

High cost / performance ratio.

Wide range of standard sizes.

Individually leak tested.


Fine particulate filtration in

Hospitals (Operation Theater)

Clean room applications

Clean room equipments

Type                                 : Deep pleated flange or box type

Casing Construction         : GI /Aluminum anodized / SS 304

Separators Corrugated     : Aluminum

Filter Media                       : Micro fiber glass paper (Imported)

Sealant Polyurethane based

Gasket Neoprene rubber gasket

Filter Efficiency                      99.99% @ 0.3 micron

 Please call on DPENGINEERS Technicians for special grade high temperature (400°C) Hepa Filters (H13 / H 14)


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