Carbon Filter


    Carbon Filter


    Carbon filters are gas phase iaq filters that work in a combinatorial process of filtration where odor is removed from the air by retention of molecular particles by activated carbon granules and fine particles are captured in synthetic non-woven/glass fiber media. These filters are very effective for high efficiency removal and filtration of odor and dust associated with diesel fumes, hydrocarbons, tobacco smoke, body odors, cooking and volatile organic compounds (voc), in public and commercial buildings.


    a sandwich consisting of wire mesh, pleated expanded gi/ss aluminium mesh, hdpe mesh, fine synthetic non-woven/glass fibre and activated charcoal media are packed together in an ss/gi/aluminium frame. The amount or grams of activated charcoal used per square feet is calculated based on the required filtration efficiency. All gaps are sealed with pu epoxy and rivets are used seal the frame joints.


    Shape: round or panel type (with or without flange)

    Frame type: GI/SS/aluminium

    Media:non-woven synthetic/glass fibre media, expanded aluminium mesh, activated charcoal impregnated media, HDPE mesh.

    Support: anti wobbling technique is used to support large frames.

    Nominal micron rating:this filter is available in 0. 3, 1, 3, 5, 10 micron ratings.


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