Fine Filter / AHU Filter

Fine Filter / AHU Filter

Fine Filter / AHU Filter

Air filters are of many types and are designed, manufactured, and applied to meet a wide variety of industrial and commercial requirements for clean air. Commercially available filters are divided into three distinct categories based on how they operate to remove suspended particulate matter from the air passing through them. The largest category, often referred to as ventilation or heating, and air conditioning (hvac) filters, is composed of highly porous beds of resin-bonded glass or plastic fibers.


technotech airflow systems offer air filters, which protect the equipment and delicate instruments from the dirt, water, and oil usually, found in compressed air. Our filters remove these contaminants at an efficiency rate of 99. 99% for 0. 01-micron particles and droplets.


*    pharma processing units.

*    chemical & fertilizers plants.

*    hospitals - operating rooms & icu's.

*   main frame computer installations.

*    paint booths.

*   cement factories.

*    film processing labs.

*    pre filter to hepa systems.

*   mushroom farms.



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