Air Oil Separators

Air Oil Separators

Air Oil Separators

An air/oil separator is used to seperate compressed air from compressor oil. The compressor oil collects at the bottom of the separator tank and the compressed air continues to the air receiver. A standard rotary screw separator reduces the lubricant entrained in the compressed air to 2-3 ppm. Under normal operating conditions an oil separator's service life is 3,000 to 6,000 operating hours.


Media : Borosilicate Micro-fiber
Maximum Pressure : 20 Bar
Working Temperature : From -20*C up to +120*C
Flow Rate : At working pressure of 7Bar
    Spin-on Filters from 0.6 to 5.5m3/min
Other Filters from 0.4 to 39m3/min


Wrap Type Air/Oil Separators
The wrap style oil separator was the original design to remove oil aerosols from compressed air streams. These are glass fiber elements with a consistent pore size.

Pleated Air/Oil Separators
The pleats are added to the air-oil separators media during manufacturing. Pleated filter media increases the air-oil separators life. Pleated oil separators can handle on average two times the air flow of a wrap air-oil separator.

Deep Filter Air Oil Separators
Deep filter air/oil separators have several grades of glass fiber filter media wrapped on them. The benefit of a deep filter separator is increased air flow capacity similar to a pleated separator, while maintaining a low initial pressure drop and residual oil content. These separators can handle more oil aerosol than a wrap or pleated separator.

Spin-on Air-Oil Separators
Typically a spin-on air-oil separator is a deep style air-oil separator placed inside a spin-on filter can. Spin-on Air-Oil Separators are extremely easy to change-out but are limited in application because of air flow capacity restrictions.

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