Axial Flow Fan.

Axial Flow Fan.

Axial Flow Fan.

Enviro Tech axial flow fans have ms casing / bracket with cast aluminium alloy impeller with aerofoil  section blades suitable for various mountings.

Enviro Tech axial flow fans are used in industry for providing general ventilation, fume exhaust and removal of hot spots and as roof extractor.

Enviro Tech offers a most economical and efficient installation for the industry such as thermal power stations, fertilizers, heavy engineering, chemical, textiles, food, general, paper and sugar pharmaceuticals ets.  



Our Range Is Available In:


  • Size: 100 mm to 1800mm

  • capacity: 1000 cmh to 45000 cmh


Static Pressure: 15 mm wg to 150 mm wg

Specification :

• Axial Flow Fans.  
• Ventilation.  
• Air Conditioning.  
• Industrial Process Systems.  
• Crop Drying.  
• Mines.  
• Ships.  
• Efficiency And Economy.  
• Space Saving.  
• Adjustable Impellers.  
• High Operational Temp.  
• Long Life.



  • Air Ventilation, 
  • Air Cooling, 
  • Air Humidification, 
  • And Fume Exhaus


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