Fresh Air Unit / Dust Free Unit

Fresh Air Unit / Dust Free Unit

Fresh Air Unit / Dust Free Unit

Unit Capacity

from 2000 cfm to 50000 cfm or above


in double skin construction the structure is made of hollow aluminum profile with nylon corners and panels are made of 0. 6 mm thickness pre - coated outer sheet and gi inner sheet. The panels are insulated with injected puf (38kg / cubic m. ) / eps slabs / kini foam. In single skin construction the structure is modular type, made of gi hollow profile and is mechanically bolted with top and bottom tray. Panels are made of 18g. Or 16g. (thickness varies according to the size of unit). 


the blowers used in unit are imported or indigenous and is centrifugal type forward curved for normal static pressure, mounted on rubber isolators for smooth and quite operation. Sant make blowers are dynamically and statically balanced on fie make computerized balancing machine. 


the motor used is drip proof mounted on specially designed adjustable motor base. Electrical supply normally is 3 ph / + / -415 volts. 

Flat Filter Section

filter section channels are designed for 50 mm thick expanded aluminum mesh washable pre filters with easily removable facility.


Applications :

 ·         Malls

·         Offices

·         Hotels

·         Auditoriums

·         Restaurants

·         Hospitals

·         Shops

·         Clubs

·         Banks

·         Banquet Halls

·         Shopping Plazas

 Features :

·         Ductable

·         Compact Size

·         Easy Maintenance

·         Energy Efficient

·         Access Door

·         Economical Operation

·         Low Noise

·         Easy Installation

·         Gasket Sealed Panel

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