Acrylic Inclined Manometer

Acrylic Inclined Manometer

Acrylic Inclined Manometer

We offer clients acrylic inclined manometer that come in portable inches which are fabricated and range from a wide spectrum of weight. They come with expanded scales scales for unusual sensitivity for fast, easy reading of low pressure. We offer them in both simple standard models as well as extreme precision inclined manometer.

Technical Specifications:



enviro tech manometers are made of thick acrylic plastic solid block, vertically unbreakable stable and free of distortion. Pvc plastic engraved scale, zero adjusting knob, level bottom and panel mounting holes provide with manometer.

end fittings

1/4" size pvc nozzles


inclined shaped transparent acrylic see thru with calibrated scale


+/- 1% fsd


10 mm wg to 200 mm wg.

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