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    Status: Verified
    Region of Business: Ukraine, Kyivska obl
    Business: Paper mill
    Period of business activity: 14 years
    Funds required: $3,828,000
    Monthly earnings: $173,00
    Investment Period: 2 years
    Project Start date: 12/31/2012

    Employees: 206
    Equipment List: Fully equipped with all required facilities.

    Description: Uinvest is happy to present to investors one of the biggest board and paper manufacturer in Europe. This is The Board and Paper Mill located in Kiev region of Ukraine.
    Its share in the pulp-and-paper industry is about 30% of common output of the country. Waste paper is the main raw material used in manufacturing. The mill's recycling capacity is above 850 tons of waste paper per day.
    The complex includes three main manufactures: board, paper, and corrugated packing plants equipped with cutting-edge facilities and machinery of leading European equipment manufacturers.
    The Mill is a leader in paperboard manufacturing in Ukraine. Its wide product range also includes coated and non-coated paper and board for numerous purposes, various packaging, labels, hygienic paper products, paper products
    for domestic use, corrugated paperboard products to name a few. This paper is used to protect and promote the leading brands of Europe.
    All products comply with international quality management standards ІSO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001-2001. Kiev Board and Paper Mill is proud to count about 500 companies from Ukraine, CIS countries, and Europe are among its customers.
    Among them there are Austria, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Poland and many, many more.

    Prospects: Having up-to-date equipment, using high-quality materials and advanced technologies the Mill flexibly responds to paper market needs and constantly improves and develops its production processes
    investing in the latter-day facilities and new production lines. Now, in its endeavors to provide multifarious and profitable investment projects, Uinvest offers an outstanding opportunity to become a co-owner of
    the leading manufacturer in Europe! This is an excellent investing facility with sustainability proven for years.

    Price per share - $825,00

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