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Barber Scissor-Hairdressing Scissor-Salon Scissor-Pet Grooming Shears-Thinning Scissor-Super Cut Scissor-Economical Scissor

Professional hair cutting scissors-hair shears-hair cutting shears-barber shears-saloon scissors

Professional hair thinning scissors-Razor blade hair thinning scissors-shears-hair cutting shears-barber shears-saloon scissors

Size: 14cm to 23cm
Adjustable Tension Screw 
Finger Rest 
Plasma Coated Finished 

Made With High Quality 
J-2-440 C Japanese Stainless Steel. Rockwell HRC 58-60 
J-2-420 Japanese Stainless Steel. Rockwell HRC 54-56. 
J-1-410 Pakistan Stainless Steel and Rockwell HRC 42-44 


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