Dry Mortar Mix Plant, Tower


Automatic Dry Mortar Mix plant, compact tower pattern

Automatic Dry Mortar Mix plant, compact tower pattern
compact plant layout, easier raw material changes, faster and more accurate dosing and less maintenance. Raw materials are brought up to the top of the tower, and after that the material transfer takes place by gravity, thanks to a special fluidisation technique.
Steady material flow by gravity with the special fluidisation system
Dosing of the raw materials in fluidisation system
Dosing of materials is carried out by scales. In a factory there are normally scales for aggregates, binders and additives. The size of the scales depends on the amount to be balanced, e.g. the amount of aggregates like sand is 70 - 80 % of a batch, which means several hundred kilos. Smaller scales are needed always for additives and sometimes for binders.
With a productivity of 15 to 80 tons per hour; the sand is weighed automatically after drying and sorting, cement and fly-ash is feed in bulk, automatic weighing, additives automatically weighed as well. This type is the commonly used fully-automated production of high-grade products in the world at present; apply to customers with a large investment capacity.
•Highly automation •High accuracy •Fast and reliable dosing •Using gravity flow •Low maintenance •Compact design, saving place •High quality products.

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