Cable Car tickets Get more Expensive in 2014

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The funicular

The funicular


The cable car tickets are getting more expensive in 2014.

According to the announcement of the company which is responsible for the tram in Santorini the new prices will be:


(2007-2013) (2014)
1. One way ticket : 4.00 5.00
2. Children ticket : 2.00 2.50
3. Group rates
one way per person : 4.00 5.00
4. Luggage : 2.00 2.50

The new prices are 25% higher than the old ones, which remained the same for more than 7 years. This price increase is expected to offset the loss of revenue resulting from the reduction of cruise arrivals in 2014 since companies reduce their schedules because of political instability in the eastern Mediterranean.

At the same time, donkey rides  are also getting more expensive. The new cost will be 8 Euros per ride per way.

By: Private Santorini Tours
Posted: October 26, 2013, 10:36 pm