FERRA technology offers increased power density

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Power density is the amount of power per unit volume. With enhancing power density in mind, our engineers have utilized their unique understanding of the capabilities of gear pumps to develop a state of the art gear pump geometry. This development enables the company to provide a pump package with the hydraulic power capability that our competitors can only achieve with a larger more expensive frame size.

The FERRA F12 pump is a rugged two-piece pump available with displacements from 16 to 41 cc/rev and pressures up to 276 bar (4000 psi up to 30cc/rev). As the name suggests, the new FERRA pump features cast iron construction, resulting in a compact unit that is extremely robust across a broad temperature range, while also offering increased power density and good installation characteristics compared with conventional designs. Both the housing and the front cover are of cast iron, which has made it possible to eliminate the rear cover, integrate the gearing into the housing and make the whole unit more compact. The bearings are located in the housing and the flange, while two pressure plates ensure high volumetric efficiency at low speeds. The FERRA pump's gear profile is of an advanced design optimized for reduced pulsation and high power density in relation to the unit's relatively small package size.

Extensive testing has demonstrated that the FERRA pump matches or exceeds competitors' products in a smaller package and offers significantly better performance at low speeds (500 rpm). Both bench test and in-vehicle tests have shown that the design is highly suitable for high-flow implement and steering circuits and fan drive applications.

    Concentric Rockford Inc.

    Concentric Rockford Inc.

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