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"FJ Commerce ltd" Company hereby present to you our offer for refined and crude sunflower oil also  crude degummed rapeseed oil produced in Russia refinery with whom we have commercial relationships of distribution  their production.
The basic price is $ 1030 USD per ton crude sunflower oil and $ 1100 USD per ton refined sunflower oil, and includes delivery to any seaport of Europe, refined sunflower oil can be supplied in bottles of 1 , 2,3, 5, 10 (PET) liters label with your brand. Upon delivery of bottled refined sunflower oil price does not change and remains $ 1,100 USD per ton.
Procedure for conducting a transaction:
1.SCO (SOFT CORPORATE OFFER) - sample forms in duplicate for refined and crude
NOTE: If you agree with the price above and the procedures, you can directly fill, sign  and send us LOI.
 - This offer is that our partners in Russia  make to you, if you agree with their procedures. The document includes a specification (TYPICAL PARAMETERS AND VALUES) of oil you requested, and a description of the procedure that will run the deal.
2. LOI (LETTER OF INTENT) - a letter of intent, which fill in interest on your part and if you agree with procedures.
3. FCO (FULL CORPORATE OFFER)- individually for each client. Important to note that the price offered to you  in FCO may be lower than the above depending on the amount you requested.
4. DRAFT CONTRACT  - This is the final contract is signed between the parties to the transaction.
The contract is made in accordance with all requirements for this type of international transactions for maximum protection of both parties, but can be changed for any of you disagree with some of the clauses.
RAPESEED OIL we offer is priced at $ 960 USD per МТ crude  oil and $ 1000 USD per МТ refined oil and procedure is the same deal as in sunflower oil.
All documents are completed in English.
For contact between us and the prospective buyer we sign a contract for a commission according to international standards.

Attention:  Please read the procedures before sending LOI.
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Posted: January 22, 2013, 2:14 pm

    FJ Commerce Ltd

    FJ Commerce Ltd

    FJ Commerce ltd Company, offers refined and crude sunflower oil also crude degummed rapeseed oil produced in Russia. For more info go to: