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This course covers designing and deploying business processes using TIBCO IProcess. TIBCO IPROCESS concepts covered include modeling of organizations, processes, data and user forms. Hands-on labs explore process integration with web services, email and databases. Customized user forms are created and pageflows are designed for advanced forms interactions with users and external systems. Throughout the course, the BPM applications are deployed to a TIBCO IProcess server and tested using Workspace and Openspace clients.

  • IProcess Suite: Overview of all the components, functionality and importance in a nutshell)
  • IProcess Architecture:  IProcess Engine internals, Processes breakdown, Inter-process communication mechanics & point-to-point dataflow
  • Administration of IProcess Engine & Processes:  using swadm, swsvrmgr utilities
  • Basic Procedure design
  • Advanced design Concepts
  • Procedure Management & Versioning controls
  • Integration Basics
  • Integration Techniques
  • Procedure Creation
  • Procedure Management
  • Introduction to Satffware Administration
  • Events and subprocess
  • Develop Procedure and Forms using Business Studio and deploying the developed processes into IProcess Modeler
  • Iprocess Client ( Browser)
  • Project ( Mini Project)

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