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TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks is TIBCO’s enterprise platform for implementing world-classintegration solutions. In the TIBCO BusinessWorks Integration Boot Camp participants acquire key skills needed to solve integration challenges using this platform. After learning the fundamentals of BusinessWorks software, participants then work through a series of focused,hands-on labs to implement an order processing integration solution. In the course of implementing this solution, students acquire important BusinessWorks software developer skillsincluding managing development projects, process design and testing, resource configuration and data mapping, application validation, deployment monitoring, and domain management and administration

EAI concepts

  1. Introduction to Integration and EAI tools
  2. EAI tools in the market
  3. what is TIBCO?


  1. TIBCO Runtime Agent(TRA)
  2. How TIBCO Supports EAI

TIBCO Business Works

  1. Introduction to Business Works o XML activities
  2. Installation of TIBCO p General configuration Palette
  3. Overview of TIBCO Designer and Tester Utility q JMS Palette
  4. Working with Palettes with complex Transformation r JAVA Palette
  5. FILE s Transaction Palette
  6. XML t Service Palette
  7. Parse u Creating Alias Library
  8. HTTP v Overview of Grouping and its Usage
  9. JDBC w Overview and Usage of various variable in TIBCO BW
  10. SOAP
  11. WSDL
  12. XML Tools
  13. XML activities
  14. General configuration Palette
  15. JMS Palette
  16. JAVA Palette
  17. Transaction Palette
  18. Service Palette
  19. Creating Alias Library
  20. Overview of Grouping and its Usage
  21. Overview and Usage of various variable in TIBCO BW
  22. xXpath Formula Builder

 Web Services

  1. Introduction to web services and SOAP
  2. Web services implementation in TIBCO BW using SOAP Palette /Service Palette
  3. SOAP Palette/Service Palette


  1. Introduction and Architecture of JMS
  2. Overview of EMS
  3. Messages Mode
  5. Differentiate Between Topics and Queues
  6. Creation of Topics/Queues
  7. Bridging topics
  8. Persistence and non persistence
  9. Durable/non Durable
  10. EMS examples
  11. Creating Bridges
  12. Granting Previllages et
  13. Routes and Fault Tolerance

TIBCO Adapters

  1. ADB Adapter with example
  2. File Adapter with example
  3. MQ Series Adapter

TIBCO Rendezvous

  1. Introduction to Rendezvous
  2. Rendezvous Architecture
  3. Types of Messaging
  4. Reliable messaging and certified messaging
  5. Rendezvous Examples
  6. fPublish/Subscribe ,point to point,multicast Messaging
  7. Distribued queue
  8. Fault Tolerance
  9. Virtual Circuits
  10. Rendezvous routing Demon(RVRD)
  11. Rendezvous Agent(RVA)

TIBCO Administrator

  1. Introduction to TIBCO Administrator
  2. Creating and deploying ear files
  3. Creation of domain
  4. How to add a machine in a domain
  5. Creating user and roles
  6. How to grant roles to the user
  7. Creating applications
  8. How to deploy EAR file
  9. How to start/stop the process
  10. Monitoring applications
  11. Configuring Fault Tolerance and Load Balancing
  12. How to add secondary server into a domain
  13. How to add EMS server into a domain
  14. How to enable HTTPS
  15. How to enable HAWK in administration
  16. Checking the log files


  1. Hawk Introduction
  2. How to configure HAWK
  3. Demonstrating rule bases
  4. Loading Hawk rule bases in Administrator
  5. How to Monitor the processes ,operating Systems

TIBCO Projects and Real Time working ( simulating LAB to real time work

  • High level Document
  • Low level document
  • Architecture
  • Use Cases
  • Test cases
  • Version Management
  • Templates

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