The benefits of a short sale and points to consider

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    For homeowners who are not able to pay their mortgage because of job loss or any other fiscal issues, a short sale (任意売却の管財ソリューション) can be the best exit strategy. Until now, a foreclosure was the only option left for homeowners, but this sticks to the credit report for about ten years and make their financial position worse. Nowadays, experts advocates about the new method of short sale (任意売却の管財ソリューション), which is quite different from a foreclosure and not is not that damaging as well. There are many reasons why sellers enter into such a sale these days.


    A short sale helps in protecting credit partially


    A short sale (任意売却の管財ソリューション) does not affect the credit report like a foreclosure does, but there is an exception to this benefit. If there is no sixty-day-plus late pays on the credit report of a homeowner, then it can help him to get another loan. However, majority of people who enter into a  にんい売却  have been found to be in default for over sixty days. Therefore, this kind of sale might end up in bad credit rating in the future, unless the bank agrees not to report such a shortage. Sometimes, the bank reports this as 22 Score Factor Code.


    Some of the other reasons why sellers go for short sale


    Some of the main reasons why sellers prefer a short sale (任意売却の管財ソリューション) include:


    Dignity: Such a sale retains dignity of the homeowner, as he sells his home himself instead of the lender.


    Mortgage payments: The homeowner will not have to make mortgage payments, unless he chooses so in a short sale (任意売却の管財ソリューション).


    Eligibility for another loan: As per the Fannie Mae guidelines, a homeowner who makes a short sale (任意売却の管財ソリューション) can buy another home within a period of two years in place of five to seven years.


    Expert agents: There are real estate experts who can help a homeowner to crack an attractive deal in this kind of transaction and can lead the negotiations as well.


    Things to remember while opting for a short sale


    For better protection in a short sale (任意売却の管財ソリューション) transaction, it is advisable to seek legal advice from an experienced real estate lawyer. An accountant can also help in discussing and sorting out tax ramifications of a sale transaction. Talk to lender before making the final decision and write a letter for permitting the bank to disclose your personal information to the interested parties. Remember to include your property address, your name, loan reference number, and contact information and name of the agent in the letter to the bank. Ask your closing agent to prepare a net sheet that include cost of sale, outstanding payments due, late fees and real estate commissions. A  任意売却なら管財ソリューション  will not be a good idea if the calculations display cash to seller.




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