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    : Check out full sizeJoshua Gunter, The Plain DealerThere have been times in the initial four weeks on the season when out of law school head coach Pat Shurmur got holding an expanded exhibition season for players he or she is still learning concerning, says Bud Shaw. But it's occasion for winning to be the top priority -- only when to ease the frustration on the long-abused fan put faitth on. CLEVELAND, Ohio -- The very first month of that Browns' season began with a scattering of empty seats and ended that has a full scale fourth-quarter evacuation in a lopsided loss to help Tennessee. Tony Gonzalez Jersey In various other years, Sunday's bye would've still come prematurily ., disrupting the daily rhythm from which improvement flows and leaving a long time of a grind within the back end. Not really this season. This break was delightful, but its benefits last only if that Browns make the re-start a new one by view to call an end to the extended preseason on display the initial four games. That's what ?t had been, right? If certainly not, forget what former general manager Phil Savage mentioned about Browns' supporters expecting rain clouds even on sunlit days. Woe seriously is you. When the first month weren't about seeing which players wear Pat Shurmur's version of the West Coast felony, then you are left to handle difficult questions -- beyond what is a Shurmur's version from the West Coast the offense. It begs tough questions about the new head coach, Colt McCoy, Peyton Hillis, Evan Moore's convenience outside the red-colored zone and whether Brian Robiskie offers pictures of someone. Shurmur is 2-2 being a rookie head discipline. So to be fair it is not Men Custom Cowboys Jersey as if winning may be mutually exclusive on the ongoing auditions, unofficially known as, "So You Think You are able to Play. " Shurmur's record isn't the situation. Eric Mangini -- the particular old flame the parents made you stop seeing journeyed 1-11 before winning numerous games as Shurmur. It's just that a lot of curious decisions and play calls include given pause for you to wonder. Not just about the organizational assignment but about using a green head private coach serving a dual role as bad coordinator, too. Related stories It's really a busy bye week for Browns professional poker coaches: Analysis Pluto's Talkin'...your Hillis debate and also young defense Ex - Saint faces any hard fight: NFL Insider Raiders manager Al Davis dead at 82 | Without doubt, Tony! More Browns/NFL coverage You may sell patience with a fan base only too long. It's a harder sell to one Baltimore Ravens given so few reasons to believe since 1999. Your empty seats are usually evidence. But can be done it, as Mangini proved. You just won't be able to sell a season as being a glorified tryout, especially when lots of don't seem to get the offensive philosophy in the middle of it. People understand the lockout disrupted the Browns' plan and stunted their growth. Nobody ever bought into your magical powers connected with Camp Colt as some sort of football Hogwarts. They understand it. They're not ready for to win this division, not sometimes a division having one good company in Baltimore. They'll see Shurmur has a mandate to participate in the young guys. They saw this particular team do nothing at all much in totally free agency. If they don't grasp what had been happening when Tom Heckert offered wide receiver Julio Jones pertaining to an interior lineman and also a No. 1 next year, they should've bought it when, while in the second round, he / she drafted a natural and talented wideout exactly who missed his last year of student football. So resign the lecture regarding people being unrealistic. They understandably need to see more promising signs covering the next 12 weeks. That McCoy may be the right quarterback. How the West Coast the offense can fly should the wind kicks up and the snow blows. It can bring you back from a big deficit alongside Pittsburgh and Baltimore. That Hillis, who fits well while in the WCO, is within the team's plans. (To that end, it would be an aid to hear from workforce president Mike Holmgren for your same reason Mark Shapiro tried to help deflect criticisms concerning the Indians' direction through the years. Holmgren can bring a whole lot to the discussion. He won keeping this offense in the wrong climate, after most of. Not to mention, he made Hillis a new public issue. ) No person expects immediate replies. Fewer have hung hopes high for just a winning season. But it's hardly unfair that is expected more cohesive method of game planning and us going for personnel than we saw inside first month. The Browns' youth is usually a disadvantage. It's also mitigated simply by a schedule that features Oakland, Seattle, Frisco, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Cincinnati plus Arizona. They're going to get in a number of winnable games. The bye is behind them. So, hopefully, may be the exhibition portion in their season. Related subject areas: cleveland browns, mike holmgren, pat shurmur.

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