Make it viral

    By Centillien

    The power of social networks is in connecting and sharing. In business it starts with a good and honest profile.

    Even in the "traditional" world of business, before doing any business, people want to know more about your company and what it is delivering. In Centillien terms, your company profile is the basis for that. 

    It all starts or ends there. No good profile, no one is interested. If you do have invested some time to get it right, share it to the world. We now support sharing profiles to other networks. 

    You and others can now make it viral by sharing it wherever they can ! Ask your friends and colleagues to share it on their networks to. 

    Make your company viral on internet

    Use it after you are satisfied about the content. 

    If people visit your company page, from there on they can see what you are capable of and what kind of products or service you provide. All from that single page.



    Social network for companies. Full public profile, advertising, blogs, videos, events, groups. We have the most functional social network in the world
    Business description

    Centillien went live in june 2012. We believe that companies around the world need a social network of their own to be able to become more effective in this important area.
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