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    Last week we talked about defining what an online presence is. Now that you know why an online presence for your company is important, it’s time to look at other strategies for online marketing. In the next few sections we’ll talk about online vs. offline marketing, search engine listings, direct advertising, viral marketing, and lead and list building. These are all essential to the success of your online marketing campaign.

    We’ve already talked a lot about online marketing, but how does it compare to offline marketing? They can both bring more leads and profit to the table, they just get there through different avenues.

    Consider this about traditional marketing. You pay a flat fee for the ad you want placed. This generally includes the Yellow Pages, radio, TV, and newspaper. You then wait for the calls to come from those ads. If you placed a code in each of your ads you will be able to track the ads that are the most successful. However, the bottom line remains that you paid for your ad and now you have to sit and hope it performs.

    In sharp contrast, online marketing offers you the option to only pay for the responses you get. This saves you money and increases ROI.

    Another huge aspect of online marketing involves search engine listings. You know how import ant it is to land at the top of search engine results. One of the best ways to do this is through submission to a local business directory in one of the major search engines. Submission to local business directories is free and you have the opportunity to share a large amount of information with people looking for your services. Because it’s a directory listing and shows your business on a Google (or other) map, your business information is at the top of search results for keywords related to your business.

    Direct advertising is used in both online and offline marketing. In offline marketing it often involves mailing a postcard to your customers with a special promotion. With online advertising direct advertising is in the form of a promotion via email. This also helps save on marketing costs and helps you track the customers who are responding the best.

    Viral marketing is simply a form of explosive word of mouth. You know how important word of mouth is to the success of your business and online word of mouth is no different. Online you have the opportunity for word of mouth to reach outside your immediately target market and draw in new leads.

    Lead and list building is important as it allows you to find new customers. There are a number of ways to build your database. Offline you have likely added customers into your database when they purchase, subscribe to your newsletter or enter a drawing. Online you can do all of these things in a simple, automated way.

    These are all ways to help your business meet your online marketing goals. They are free and easy to execute.

    Next week we’re going to venture into how to build your online presence. We talked a bit about that last week, but the entire second section is dedicated to specific strategies to get your business out on the Internet.


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