The Importance of a Website: Part One

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    Last week we talked about the successful strategies for an online marketing presence. This week we embark on the adventure of your company website and how important each aspect is. Because there is so much to offer I am breaking it up into three weeks. This week we’ll cover:

    • Site Planning
    • Domains
    • Hosting
    • Maintenance
    • Web Designer vs. DIY
    • Templates

    These are all aspects of getting your site up and running. Before you toss your website up you need to have a plan for all the aspects of getting a website on the World Wide Web. Domains, hosting and design are all essential to the process. Any one does not happen without the others. Start with a basic vision for what you want your site to include. This will help you find the right host and design plan.

    Your domain is the URL of your website. This URL will be all over the web with all of your online associations. You will also use it on your offline marketing materials. It needs to be easy to remember, trigger keyword results and represent your business. This sounds tough, but it can be a bit of fun to find the right keyword. Don’t feel chained to using your business name in your URL. You may find a better fit with a keyword or location specific URL. Make sure you get .COM or your country code (if applicable).

    Hosting is how your website is able to be on the Internet. There are hundreds of web hosts out there to choose from. Many of them offer the ability to purchase your domain and hosting through them. This can save hassle and often cost. Depending on the elements you want included on your website will be the hosting package you need.

    You also need to consider who will maintenance your site. A website is not a set it and forget it entity. You need to change things up, offer new information, update content, and offer new promotions. You can handle the maintenance on your own or have your webmaster handle it, if that’s the direction you’re going.

    This brings us to whether you will do the web design yourself or bring in a web designer to handle it. This question really depends on the elements you want to include on your site and how confident you are in the process. Another consideration to make is the value of your time. You have to compare the cost of a web designer to the value of your time away from other projects.

    If you decide you want to give it a try, you’ll be pleased to hear there are templates you can work with. Templates give you a chance to choose an industry appropriate look and add in your own business elements. They are easy to work with and generally available through your host. Because templates are popular with small business owners who have little to no web design experience, you may find others out there that look like yours. Make sure you take every chance to change up your site from the template. Learn more about this  in the coming weeks or fast forward your progress watch my guided tour at

    Next week we’re going to continue to talk about the importance of a website by taking a look at the pages you need to be competitive. When you look at websites you likely notice there are certain pages every site has. To build trust and credibility you need to include the same information as applies to your business.


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    Posted: October 17, 2012, 8:30 pm

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