These 5 Restaurants You Should Know For Having Indian Food in Dubai

    Ranjan Malhotra
    By Ranjan Malhotra
    These 5 Restaurants You Should Know For Having Indian Food in Dubai

    Summary: Finding Indian foods in a foreign country is one of the major challenges for food-conscious people. To meet this challenge, India’s many popular restaurants are operating their restaurant business in Dubai. Bikanervala is among the most-popular brand which is now serving customers in Dubai with its lip-smacking variety of food.


    So you are planning for weekend getaways in Dubai, right? Finding Indian restaurants to have like home-cooked food might be your primary concern. As an Indian staying in Dubai, you need to have ideas about Indian restaurants in Dubai. After all, there is hardly anything better than spicy Indian food on a beautiful evening with your loved ones.

    Since Dubai is a multi-cultured center having a large number of Indian population living there, Indian restaurants are easy to find. There are many Indian restaurants in the city. They let travelers enjoy the taste of Indian cuisine freshly prepared by chefs.

    In this article, we are going to name 5 popular Indian Restaurants in Dubai. We are pretty sure that you will like it and feel like your home if you are an Indian.


    Bikanervala is one of the most popular Indian brands, fastened its root in Dubai. It brings you a variety of Indian fast foods in the heart of the city. Making its journey from the home town Bikaner to India’s bustling capital city, Bikanervala provides different types of foods to foodies like chat and snacks, mini meal and combos, curries and breads, south Indian, sweets, and more. This restaurant has the right admixture of all variety of Indian foods in equal parts. It brings the secrets of sweets to present a very different culinary experience to the people in Dubai who till now were exposed to very different kind of savories.


    Dakshin is the right match for those who are into north Indian food. Located on every lively Rigga Road, this restaurant offers all the amazing Indian foods to guests. It’s known for biryani the taste of which temps every customer to come back and enjoy the meal.

    Rang Mahal

    Rang Mahal is another Indian restaurant in Dubai, offering an exciting menu of modern Indian foods. If you are a kind of foodies who love Trditional foods, then Rang Mahal is the right name to be. It’s a touch of tradition with ability to create a feast of senses. At this restaurant, you can find an array of Indian-inspired cocktails and brews and modish bar bites.

    Sai Dham

    Among Indian restaurants in Dubai is Sai Dham. It serves customers with amazing Indian food. Located in Oud Mehta district, this restaurant makes Sai Dham different from others  as its chefs use such ingredients which are easy to eat and digest. It’s a pure vegetarian restaurant.


    Aangan provides Indian cuisine at Indian fare that you can have without booking tickets on flights to the ancient country. It’s one of the most popular restaurants among locals, foreigners and for those who visit the place quite often. At Dubai’s Aangan, you can find some brilliant vegetarian options along with seafood dishes that are superbly yummy and would surely please you.


    Dubai is known for an eclectic mix of Arabians historic and modern background. It is the largest and richest desert city providing immaculate sandy beaches, towering luxury hotels, luxury shopping, and a lively nightlife scene. Since a majority of Indians live in the city and Indians restaurants in Dubai are common to be found. So fly to the city and get a taste of both grunge and glam.


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