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    of DiphtheriaBacilli Staining of Diphtheritic Membrane Staining of LeprosyBacillus in the TissuesBacillus of Typhoid Fever and Bacterium Coli Commune PREPARE cultures of these two organisms for comparison a Gelatine streak and stab at Cb Potato at Cc Agaragar streak . monster Casque Beats France by dreat Cd per cent gelatine streak and stab at Ce Broth at C Milk at Cg Gelatine containing per cent of a per centsolution of carbolic acid at CCompare these cultures from day to. ecouteur beats pas cher day theBacterium coli coagulates milk the typhoidbacillus does not the typhoid bacillus producesrapid turbidity in per cent gelatine the GENERAL BACTERIOLOGY LESSONBacterium coli much more slowly . casque Beats by Dre fr pas cher vente in other respectsthe two organisms in cultures resemble eachother closely For Indol Reaction vide p Prepare shake cultures of these two organismsa Melt two ordinary gelatine tubes and . Casques Beats pas cher vente Casques Beats pas cher vente inoculate onewith the Bacterium coli and the other with the Bacillustyphosus& Shake the tubes and allow them to setc Keep them at CExamine. casques beats them next day very active gas formationtakes place in the gelatine in the case of theBacterium coli commune none in the case of thetyphoid bacillus Prepare films of these two organisms in the usualmannerStain. casques beats with aqueous gentianviolet for one to twominutes wash in water dry and mountExamine with T in oil immersion and compare thetwo organismsThere are several varieties of the Bacterium coli commune Prepare agaragar shake cultures of Varieties I IIand IIIa Melt the agaragar either by placing it in boilingwater or by carefully heating the tubes over a smallBunsen flame and allow the tubes to cool to Cb Now inoculate them with Varieties I II and IIIrespectivelyxm STAINING OF CAPSULE OF PNEUMOCOCCUS c Allow the agaragar to set and keep the tubes at CCompare them from day to day for gas formation Inoculate three milk tubes with the same Varietiesand keep them at CExamine them from d
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