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    inTissues Fibrin Staining in Croupous PneumoniaPyogenic Cocci concluded STAIN the hanging drop cultures of the Streptococcuspyogenes prepared on the previous occasiona with dilute fuchsine b by Grams methodMount in xylol balsam and examine wit. Casque Beats Dre pas cher vente h a highpower Examine unstained the broth cultures of the threeStreptococci made last timea Shake the tube and with a sterilised loop remove adrop of the fluid. casque beats vente and place it on a clean coverglassb Carefully place the coverglass on a clean slide andwith a brush paint some vaseline round the margin of thecoverglass so as to prevent evaporat. Beats by Dre Pas Cher Casque for France ionExamine with a high power and in oil immersionusing a narrow diaphragmLESSON xii STAINING OF COCCI IN TISSUES Stain frozen sections of the followi. monster beats dre pas cher Casque French monster beats dre pas cher Casque ng tissues a Pysemic abscesses in cardiac muscle and kidneyStaphylococci from a case of ulcerative endocarditisUse Lofflers methyleneblu. Casque Beats pas cher e or Grams methodPlace some sections in the cosine methylenebluemixture Czinzinskis solution over night b Erysipelatous skinUse Grams method with or without previous picrocarmin. Casque Beats pas cher e stainingc Spleen from a case of pyaemia StreptococcusUse Grams method without counterstainingd Croupous pneumonia lungUse Grams method with or without previous picrocarmine staininge Lung of mouse dead of infection with the Micrococcus tetragonusStain with the cosine methyleneblue mixtureIn all these cases whenever Grams method is usedleave the section in the stain for twenty to thirty minutesand be careful not to decolourise too much with the alcoholand acid alcohol vide p Fibrin staining in croupous pneumonia Weigerts methodTo bring out the fibrin network in croupous pneumoniathe following method should be used a Place the section on the slid Casque Beats solo hd white