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    a quarter to half an hour remove the gentianviolet with blottingpaper sometimes five minutes issufficiente Pour a little of Grams iodine solution on the sectionand allow it to act for one to two minutes Remove the iodine solution with I lottingpaper GENERAL BACTERIOLOGY LESSON xg Pour a little aniline oil over the specimen which isnow quite black and by alternately tilting first one andthen the other end of the slid. casque beats by dre pas cher e allow the oil to flow toand fro over the section The aniline oil will take up thegentianviolet greedily and gradually become saturatedWhen this has taken place remove the oil with blottingpaper and pour fresh oil over the specimen Repeat thisprocess till no more stain comes awayh Eemove the oil with blottingpaper and wash the specimen t. casque beats FR for France horoughly with xylol which must be frequently changedi Mount in xylol balsam and examine with low andhigh powersIt is essential that the whole process be completelycarried through with the section on the slideSections of Mycetoma Madura disease may bestained in the same mannerStaining of Flagella after Pitfield Prepare the following solution ~ a. Casque Beats pas cher Cold saturated solution of alum cc Saturatedalcoholic solution of gentianviolet ccft To this add & cc of a cold aqueous solution oftannic acid per cent Prepare a suspension of typhoid bacilli coverslipsand films as on pp and Cover the film with the stain and keep gentlysteaming on a copper section lifter for minutes Wash in water dry. casques beats pas cher and mountExamine with in oil immersion The results arealmost always excellent and remarkably easilyobtainedLESSON XIPyogenic Cocci Cultures Hanging Drops Staining of Pus preservedin Carbolic Acid Staining of Fresh Pus Staining of GonorrhoealPusPyogenic Cocci MAKE a broth culture of thea Streptococcus pyogenes I Streptococcus pneumonias c Streptococ. Casques Beats pas cher fr acheter Casques Beats pas cher cus erysipelatosKeep them at C and compare them from dayto day Make also agaragar streak cultures of the sameorganismsKeep them at the same temperature and comparethem from day to day Make gelatine stab cultures of the same organismsand keep them at CThey all grow slowly in gelatineCompare them from day to day Prepare agara. Casques Beats pas cher fr acheter Casques Beats pas cher gar streak cultures of the Staphylococcus pyogenes albus aureus and cereus flavus respectively and keep them at C GENERAL BACTERIOLOGY LESSON Prepare gelatine streak cultures of the Staphylococcus pyogenes aureus and cereus flavus respectively andkeep them at CThe former will liquefy the gelatine the latter willnot Prepare two hanging drop cultures of the Streptococcus pyogenes in broth and keep them at C Prepare films from the condensation water of anagaragar culture of the Streptococcus pyogenes andstain thema with gentianviolet fuchsine or Lofflers methyleneblue b by Grams methodMount in xylol balsam and examine with a highpower or i n il immersion Prepare specimens of the pus supplied which contains Streptococci The pus has been preserved in carbolic acid per cent solutiona With a p
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