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    Timely Eric
    By Timely Eric

    Hello dear sir/madam,
    It is nice to meet you and other guys here. I am Eric from GZ. 
    Doing business in China is a good thing. As others mentioned above, a HK company is more flexible in Tax, money transfer,and business operation. Regarding the registration in China mainland,there are different types(Representative Office, Trading company, Consultancy Company, Partnership Company), which depends on your buiness scope and your requirement on residence.  The proceduce is also different amony different types.
    If you want further information, you can feel free to contact me. i hope i can help you.

    Best Regards.

    email: timely23[at]  
    call us: 18902255670  Add: Room 924, Garden Tower,Garden Hotel No.368, Huanshidong Road,
     Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Timely Enterprise Service Ltd.

    Timely Eric

    Timely Eric

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