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    Cloudera Data Analyst


    It is always said that information is the key to success and great and accurate information navigates to great success. Right information helps you interact well with your customer and also solve business summons. With the help of cloudera data analyst training in Delhi you can solve hidden value in your data by building your enterprise data hub. 

    Hadoop is the first step in building your data management strategy. Data can be imported into your apache Hadoop cluster and can be processed with Hive, Spark, Flume, Sqoop, Impala and other different Hadoop ecosystem tools. With the help of cloudera your complete data is stored in a centralized and secured place that can be accessed by any department anytime and anywhere. It can be said that cloudera is a platform for data management and analytics.

    Cloudera data analyst training in Delhi is especially for the individuals and enterprises and it can help in accelerating the ROI of cloudera distribution. You can learn the new data system with this specialized course. This training program provides specialized courses for administrator, analysts, developers and young data scientist and the experts from industry come to teach them the basics of the course. They teach the most in demand skills in the industry in this training program.

    This training course helps developers accelerating their career and business and makes them able to solve the most demanding business challenges with data.

    With the help of cloudera the candidates learn to identify the right tools to use for a given situation and also provide hands on experience in developing using those tools. Developers get ready for the real world problems with Hadoop. It provides instructor led training and give industry leading instruction in a professional classroom or online experience from a live senior instructor. Hadoop training curriculum is updated regularly to reflect the state of art in big data.


    This training program is a 4-5 day program where the developer learns to use Apache Hadoop to build powerful data processing applications.

    Qualification required for this training program

    Good experience in development and programing and having the knowledge of core java is strongly recommended that comes useful at the time of hands-on-exercises. 

    Basic Hadoop knowledge is not required for this program.


    Hands on exercises


    You will be given the Hadoop code to write and will also perform other hands on exercise to fossilize your mastery of the concepts that are being presented to you.  You will be explained how data is distributed and stored and processed in a Hadoop cluster.

    You will get to know that how can you use Sqoop and Flume to ingest data, how can you model structured data as tables in Impala and Hive, and how can you choose the best data storage format for different data usage patterns and what are the methods through which you can store data centrally.


    Some key highlights of the course are explained below:


    1. Cloudera developer training courses for Hadoop and Spark.
    2. Designing and developing big data application during the course.
    3. Data science at scale using Spark and Hadoop.
    4. Cloudera training program for apache HBase.
    5. You will becreating custom components like WritableComparables and InputFormats to manage complex data types.





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