Offering Physiotherapy Treatments and Massage Therapy

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    Offering Physiotherapy Treatments and Massage Therapy

    Physiotherapy is an effective way of countering pain, and at My Therapist Group we have formed a Somerville Physio Centre which helps adults, seniors and paediatric patients overcome various ailments of body and joint pain through physiotherapy and massage therapy. Read on for the kinds of treatments offered at our physiotherapy centre:

    Shoulder Pain:

    Our shoulders joints are one of those body parts which have a wide range of motion and which are frequently in use. Thus any constriction in their free movement can lead to unease and reduced productivity.

    We use special treatments for damage caused to shoulder joints due to overuse or trauma. Our physiotherapy techniques are focused on reducing the inflammation and pain at first and then setting in motion a natural healing process for long term ease and comfort.

    Back Pain:

    Sometimes the facet joints and soft tissues that surrounds our lumber spine can become damaged or traumatised due to over stress on these body parts. In aggravated cases this leads to severe back pain, which has become a common problem due to changing work habits and workplace environment.

    We provide therapy which centres around restoration of the natural structure of your spine through physical movement and exercises. Our treatments have proven effective for Lower Back Pain, Pelvic Joint Pain, Sciatica Pain, Scoliosis, and other back related problems.

    Acute Pain:

    It is generally caused by soft tissue damage such as sprained body parts. Acute Pain affects you for a shorter period of time when treated timely and accurately. If not, acute pain has the potential to mitigate into chronic pain problems which are long term and harder to treat than acute pain.

    If you are looking for a good Somerville Physio Centre, contact us today at My Therapist Group. We are run by like minded physio experts who believe in a healthy society. Our preference is to treat various physical ailments through natural healing processes such as physiotherapy and massages. In order to impart maximum care to our patients we take up only two to three cases per session and offer personalised healing programs for every individual patient.

    Consult us today at our centre and receive a free primary assessment of your treatment needs. Our experts will put you through a series of exercises and review your case history to best determine the course of physiotherapy treatments you will need.

    Apart from being dedicated to the good of society we are also committed towards offering physiotherapy and massage therapy at affordable prices. Our health and healing plans are competitive and we have a money back guarantee in the rare case a patient is not satisfied with the treatment. Visit us today at to know more.

    My Therapist Group

    My Therapist Group

    My Therapist Group is a young and energetic Frankston City physiotherapy practice providing diverse expert physiotherapy services to the region
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    My Therapist Group is a young and energetic Frankston City physiotherapy practice providing diverse expert physiotherapy services to the region. Positioned in the lower end of Frankston, we service a...